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GUI Design: Text Field Help

For years there has been a gradual trend toward providing help text in empty input text fields in GUIs. It became so common that when mobile apps began to be developed, help text was simply expected and is the standard for native mobile apps. Unfortunately, there is a wide variety of implementations in non-mobile environments, some of which are not very well done.   MOBILE APPS Figure 1 is a combination of portions of screen shots of the Chase® Bank app on iOS 5.1. The upper left graphic shows the login screen before focus is placed in either of the text input fields (User ID or Password). (Note the help text in the User ID and Password input fields.) The lower right graphic shows the screen after text has been entered in the User ID  field and … Read entire article »

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GUI Review Revisited: Google® Navigation

In keeping with the frequent changes found in the navigation of Google® web applications, multiple changes have occurred in the short time since my GUI Review: Google® Navigation posted in March. (Actually, the changes appeared in advance of my post, but I usually have my articles scheduled to post automatically several weeks ahead of time.) Unfortunately, some of the inconsistencies shown in that original review are now even worse. The changes revolve around the new Play option which now combines the previous Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore. Google Music was specifically noted in the previous review. As a brief review, Figure 1 shows the Google Navigation bar when using Gmail. Note that “Gmail” at the far right is displayed with text that is white, indicating that it is the current selection, but the … Read entire article »

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