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GUI Review Revisited: Gmail® by Google®

The GUI for Gmail® by Google® was recently reviewed just as a new GUI display was introduced. This article revisits some of the problems identified in the review and also looks at other GUI items that are new to this release. For the original review refer to GUI Review: Gmail® by Google®. (That review resulted in a rating of 2 out of 5.) All images and icons below are trademarked by Google or their respective trademark holders.   PROBLEMS WITH PREVIOUS GUI Here is a brief summary of some 20 of the problems identified in the previous GUI, along with explanations of any changes. Previous Problem 1 — Main Navigation Options Unclear. DESCRIPTION: The display did not make it obvious that Mail and Contacts are the main navigation options with “floating selections” not connected to the rest of … Read entire article »

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GUI Review: Gmail® by Google®

I currently have multiple e-mail accounts with Gmail® by Google® which I use for various purposes. I was slow to adopt Gmail early on because it had many limitations (including the inability to handle attachments), but I made the jump once it had the features I needed. Gmail has become more and more popular in recent years, due to the many reasons, including: There are great features, which are continually being improved. New features are being added frequently. There are quick links to other Google web applications. This article will briefly explain some Gmail features as needed to comment on certain aspects of the GUI, however this review is for the Gmail GUI alone. All images and icons used below are trademarked by Google and/or their respective trademark holders. Names and text have been altered in … Read entire article »

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