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GUI Design: 508 Compliance

When did 508 get 86ed? Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires that all web site content and all application functionality be equally accessible to people with disabilities. When I first worked on Windows® GUIs for companies like WordPerfect® and Novell® in the early 1990s, 508 compliance was stressed regularly. Of course, technically, compliance is only “required” if you are dealing with the government, but I have always wanted the applications I work with to be as accessible as possible. Unfortunately, more and more I find applications and web sites that are practically unusable without a mouse (or similar). For this article I took a look at what is possible with keyboard-only access. GOOGLE® CHROME® BROWSER KEYBOARD-ACCESS Figure 1 shows a screen shot of the top portion of the Google® Chrome® browser. I have mentioned before that I don’t … Read entire article »

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GUI Design: Lost in Space

Nothing gives a GUI a look of being unprofessional and unpolished like controls that are the wrong size for what they contain. Whether a control is too large for its intended contents or too small, the feeling is the same: the designer should have taken more time. A related problem is a control that allows unreasonable input. These problems can be a result of using a generic control, using the same control for multiple needs, or simply carelessness. But in any case, it really makes the presentation rough. Figure 1 shows a dialog that I recently came across in OpenOffice® 3.1 Calc® running on Windows® XP. This dialog is invoked by selecting  Insert | Sheet from the menu. This dialog is unusual in several ways, but for this discussion first take a look … Read entire article »

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