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  1. Brent says:

    Another thing I find excellent about some log in sites is that they remind you when your ALL CAPS is on. This saves me from using up my 3 tries at a password BEFORE I use them up thinking I am just too tired first thing in the morning to type correctly. Now that I have experienced sites with and without this feature I think EVERY site should include this function, especially at companies with very tight security. It will save a lot of phone calls to the help desk and a lot of frustrations at the work place for more appropriate issues like “why does the coke machine steal my money with no way to contact anyone?”…. you know important stuff. Great articles overall, thanks.

    1. Carl says:

      lol. Thanks.

  2. Brandon says:

    Spot on. You would think that people would have enough experience with something that is as common as a Log On dialog not to make these mistakes. I also find it annoying when you make a mistake on a log on screen and they give you a pop up message or window to tell you that something was incorrect. I think I suffer from window-phobia. I am already taking up my ENTIRE screen with one of your windows (even if it is only 13 in.), just tell me what I need to know there! Maybe you could outline whatever was incorrect in red and/or add one word next to the input box like . . . “incorrect”. I like how when you log on a mac computer and you enter your password wrong, the windows just give a little shudder and lets you try again, it feels a little like the bumper bowling of log on screens. “Boing! try again.”

    1. Carl says:

      LOL. I like the bumper bowling analogy!
      The other thing I like about the Mac login is I can hit [Enter] from the username field and it just takes me to the password field if there’s nothing there yet. Hitting [Enter] after typing the password then attempts the login. Thanks.

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